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Teacher & Staff information

Hello everyone!
Thanks for your time in advance.

Q) Who am I?
I'm Gavy Grewal the owner and the teacher of ギャヴィー 英語学校. I'm from Canada. I have been living in Japan since February 2014. I’m an open person you can ask me anything. I really like making new friends.

Q) What about your teaching experiences?

I have taught as a full-time teacher at Miyamoto Juku since September 2017. In the past, I had taught at Nova, Seiha English Academy, and for chugakoshogako, and yochian. I have a lot of experience teaching many different types of English test like ‘TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, GTEC, EIKEN, Center test'. I'm able to adjust to our student's needs and their level. I have more than five years of teaching experience in Japan.

Q) What do you do in your free time?
When I am not teaching or doing office work. I love going for a drive or cycling and spending time with my lovely wife.

Q) What food do you like?

I like udon and gyudon. The best food for me is my wife’s cooking.

See you all soon!



Hello, I'm Seiko Grewal. Please feel free to contact me in Japanese. I help my husband with the school management. We are both looking forward to meeting you all.

Gavy's new friend